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You may think of getting qualified for a no down payment auto loan if you have a bad credit and hence, are finding it hard to get approved for a conventional low rate car financing loan. The rates of interests provided could be competitive and with easily manageable monthly installments, you could get rid of the loan pretty quickly. This will add up to your credits and you could qualify for better interest rates in future. However, few basic qualification criteria will be needed to be satisfied.

Getting Car Loans With No Down Payment - Basic Requirements

To be eligible to receive an approval for a car loan no down payment, borrowers could be required to meet the below mentioned conditions stipulated by lenders.

  • Applicant must be employed at least for the past 2 years
  • Borrower must have a minimum monthly income of $1,500
  • There should have been no repossession in the last 12 months
  • Only residents of the United States or Canada can qualify and apply

Thus, eligibility guidelines for buying no down payment cars could be less stringent than those that are applicable to conventional type of auto loan financing. Credit is never an issue for qualifying!

Advantages of Buying a Car with No Down Payment

Auto loans with no down payment can provide few important benefits as follows:

Payments regulate cash flows:

When there is no element of any down payment in a loan, one has to only pay the monthly installments and this regulates the flow of money which is vital for the national economy.

Possible to get lowest interest rates:

By qualifying for a car loan, which does not require any down payment, it could be possible to get low rates of interests. To that effect, it could be better if you avoid a loan with a higher APR. Lenders such as banks, credit unions or private loan dealerships have certain margins on which they make profits. You may negotiate discounts or rebates provided by manufacturers with lenders who provide auto loans.

Leasing can be one of the alternatives:

Buying a car on lease payments for a specified period can be one of your options. This will permit the borrower to spend less money on car financing. By working out a lease agreement with a car owner, you could retain all the rights as the title does not get transferred to the agency or person who owns the vehicle.

You could also think of getting a car on hire:

Another option of owning a car without any down payment is to enter into an agreement is to purchase the vehicle on a hire basis. But such a proposition could require you to get GAP insurance so that if the car gets stolen, you have nothing to worry about. The insurance provider will pay the costs.

Crucial Guidelines To Fasten Up Your Approval Process

Before you are out to fill out an application for an auto loan no down payment, it could advisable for you start saving some money well in advance. This could enable you to purchase certain non-essential items like extended warranty, getting VIN number etched, auto insurance, etc. in cash. Otherwise lenders will roll the money needed for all these into the loan which will increase your burden.

  • If you are currently upside down on your existing car loan then it could be better if you waited until you cleared off the dues. This could allow you to trade-in or sell your present vehicle prior to financing the next one and will not complicate matters while trying to obtain an approval.
  • Stay away from dishonest auto loan dealers so as to avoid being a victim of some kind of a scam. There may be some companies who could be engaged in fraudulent practices and promise things which they will never deliver because of their intentions to cheat consumers.
  • When considering applying for new or used car loans, borrowers, who have bad credit, need to explore their options in thorough detail. There could be times when a slightly high rate auto loan could prove to be a much better proposition. After some time, you could refinance the loan to lower interest rate.
  • Some documents have to be submitted along with your auto finance application so get them readied. Besides, you need to make sure that you have compared multiple quotes for identifying the best option.

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